Please note, that if you are upgraded, the airline can’t request any additional payment.

If you are downgraded, you are entitled to reimbursement of a percentage of the price of your ticket, depending on the flight distance as follows:

  • 30% – flights of 1 500 km or less
  • 50% – flights within the EU of more than 1 500 km (except flights between the EU and French overseas departments), and all other flights between 1 500 and 3 500 km
  • 75% – flights not falling under (a) or (b), including flights between the EU and French overseas departments.

If you have 2 or more connecting flights included in a single ticket, you can only be reimbursed for the flight which was downgraded and not for the entire journey. The reimbursement should be paid within 7 days.

we will return your money