General questions

When your flight has been delayed for more than 3 hours, you may be entitled to receive compensation if the airline company can’t prove that the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances, which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

For cancelled flights you won’t receive compensation, if the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances for example due to extremely bad weather. Where the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances, you may not have the right to compensation, but the carrier must still offer you assistance (reimbursement or re-routing) and care (meals and/or accommodation) while you are waiting for alternative transport.

Regardless of the circumstances, if your flight is cancelled you always have the right to one of the following options: reimbursement of your ticket, re-routing or a return flight as well as the right to assistance.

You may also have a right to compensation (if you were informed less than 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date). However, compensation is not due if the carrier can prove that the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances.

According to EU regulation, strikes may be considered as extraordinary circumstances, which means the airline company does not have to pay compensation. However, to be exempted from paying compensation, the airline must prove that:

  • there is a link between the extraordinary circumstances and the delay or the cancellation, and
  • the delay or cancellation could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Changes & Additions

Please be so kind and send us by email your new contact information. We will update your claim data. Otherwise our communication might not reach you.

Please be so kind and send us by email your evidence files. Thank you for providing any evidence you might have. It helps us to fight for your claim.

Power of Attorney (PoA)

Please be so kind and send us signed PoA as soon as possible. You can print it out in hotel or  just you can use your mobile to take a picture of the signed PoA. It is very important for your claim that we receive the signed PoA on time.

Yes, of course. Please look up our mailing address on our Contact details on our web.

Yes, please contact us directly with your postal adress details and we’ll send a hardcopy of PoA to you ASAP.

Children aged two years or older have the same rights as adults to claim compensation according to EU Regulation 261/2004. Parents or a legal guardian can sign PaO on behalf of child who is under 18. An example: if you are travelling with an underage child (over the age of 2) and you claim compensation for your flight, simply sign the PoA for your child.

Compensation payment

Yes, you can ask to transfer compensation to any of your’s any valid/opened accounts.

You are traveling on business and your company has paid for the airplane ticket. Your flight fulfills the compensation claim requirements of EU Regulation 261/2004. Who is entitled to receive the compensation?

According to EU Regulation 261/2004, the applicant and claimant is always the air passenger.

Flight tickets booked under a “special tariff conditions” are NOT covered by the EU Regulation 261/2004.

A special tariff ticket is given if a passenger is travelling free of charge or at a reduced fare not available directly or indirectly to the public. A common example for a non-public rate is a corporate travel arrangement that is available for corporate staff only or a reduced fare available only to employees of a tour operator.

However, EU Regulation 261/2004 does fully apply to passengers having tickets issued under a frequent flyer program or other commercial program by an air carrier or tour operator.

Lost & Found

Suitcase is missing. Can you help me in this matter?

Every day about 65.000 items of luggage are missing or are delayed in arriving at their destination worldwide.

Please fill the application form on our web site and we will help you also in this matter.

Limitation period for a claim?

EU Regulation 261/2004 has not harmonized the rules relating to limitation periods. Therefore, the relevant national rules of the member states apply. The limitation periods vary between 1 and 10 years. In Germany, the limitation period is 3 years, calculated from the end of the year of the flight. Example: flight 10.06.2015, expiry of the limitation period: 31.12.2018. In the UK, the limitation period is 6 years and calculated from the date of the flight.

Please check the limitation period for following countries

Austria 3 years
Belgium 1 year
Bulgaria 5 years
Croatia 3 years
Cyprus 6 years
Czech Republic* 3 years
Denmark 3 years
Estonia 3 years
Finland 3 years
France 5 years
Germany* 3 years
Greece 5 years
Hungary 5 years
Iceland 2 years
Ireland 6 years
Italy 26 months
Latvia* 2 years
Lithuania 3 years
Luxembourg 10 years
Malta No limit
Netherlands 2 years
Norway 3 years
Poland 1 year
Portugal 3 years
Romania 3 years
Slovakia 2 years
Slovenia 2 years
Spain 5 years
Sweden* 3 years
Switzerland 2 years
United Kingdom 6 years

* Exceptions

In Latvia: If the complaint is filed within 21 days of the incident, the limitation period shall be 2 years.

In Czech Republic: all flights occurred in 2013 or before = 2 years. From 2014 = 3 years.
In Germany: the limitation period expires the last day of the third year (for example: a flight on 15/3/2017 expires on 31/12/2020).
In Sweden: The limitation period shall be extended whenever a claim is asserted. The limitation period shall then be 3 years from the date of the last claim for the following claims.

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